Taking Computer Science Units

Signing Up

If you are in the Engineering Faculty, you can sign up for any Computer Science unit on the faculty secure web site. You don't normally need to ask permission, or to sign up separately with the Computer Science department.

If you are not in the Engineering Faculty, or if you are not sure about whether you have suitable pre-requisites, or whether the unit will be suitable for you, you can drop in to see someone in the department (see contacts below).

Web Password

The Computer Science department web site is used for many things, including coursework submission and display of marks. You need a web password for these things. This is separate from any other password you may have, but you can get one for yourself from:


If this doesn't work for any reason, drop in to see someone (see contacts below).

Lab Password

If you are taking any Computer Science unit, you are entitled to an account on the Computer Science network. It is not essential, because most coursework can be done on your own computer, but it allows you to login to and use any of the computers in department labs, particularly MVB 2.11 and MVB 2.16, which has the advantage that you can socialise with other students and get help more easily.

If your account password is not provided by the lecturer, you can get one from Sid or Rob (see below). There is some information about getting started with the lab workstations at:



The Computer Science department is housed in the Merchant Venturers' Building (MVB). Some useful contacts are:

For more information, see http://www.cs.bris.ac.uk/Teaching/communication.html